Original Boston Brew Tour


The Original Brew Tour showcases a tasting and an in-depth analysis of at least 15 different beers, delectable lunch and beer pairing at Meadhall, and round-trip transportation. The Original Tour gives you an exclusive look into how one of Boston’s premier beer bars maintains a 100 different beers on draft. Whether you’re a light beer person or connoisseur, Boston Brew Tours provides a safe and comfortable way to visit Boston’s top breweries. From Pilsners to Stouts, our beer guides will introduce you to award-winning beers of all styles. Boston Brew Tours is the perfect choice for any occasion.  Book your tour today!


10:20AM – Mon: Sam Adams, Meadhall, Cambridge Brewing Co., Night Shift/Beer Works
10:20PM – Tues: Sam Adams, Meadhall, Cambridge Brewing Co., Night Shift/Beer Works
10:20PM – Wed: Sam Adams, Meadhall, Cambridge Brewing Co., Night Shift/Beer Works
10:20PM – Thu: Sam Adams, Meadhall, Cambridge Brewing Co., Mystic Brewery
10:20PM- Fri: Sam Adams, Meadhall, Cambridge Brewing Co., Mystic Brewery
10:40AM, 11:20AM, 12:00PM – Sat: Harpoon Brewery, Meadhall, Idle Hands, Night Shift Brewing
10:50AM – Sun: Harpoon Brewery, Beer Works, Cambridge Brewing Co., Meadhall



Sam Adams Brewing Company – (Weekdays)

In our opinion there is no better experience than the one you get at the Samuel Adams Brewery. You’ll learn about their history… and then drink it. You’ll learn all about Samuel Adams, the brewer and the patriot. You’ll experience the entire brewing process, from start to finish, then taste the specialty malts used to brew Samuel Adams beers and smell the unforgettable aroma of their traditional Hallertau hops. Samuel Adams utilizes only artesian imported hops and fresh malt, making all their beer delightfully refreshing.

Harpoon Brewery – (Weekends)

Brewing has often been described as a science and an art. At Harpoon, they work very hard to combine both the art and the science of brewing. Drink your way through Harpoon’s brewery.  Learn the intricate workings of full scale brewery, while  you drink and oogle the equipment that makes it all happen. Who says school cant be fun, get Beer-educated as we taps fermenters to bring you the freshest beer you’ve ever tasted.  At Harpoon, they have always worked hard at two things:  brewing incredible beer and welcoming beer lovers to their renown brewery.

The Meadhall – All tours

MeadHall, located in the heart of Cambridge is truly a beer afficinados haven.  With over 100 taps teeming with artisan craft beers from around the world.   This  gastro-pub marries nouveau american cuisine with your favoritie comfort food.  We have hand selected a tasting menu , often times a limited batch brew, with locally sourced deliquesces   Not only will you eat and drink your way through the Meadhall, as if you were in an old Viking village, but see first hand how beer goes from the kegs to your lips on a private tour of the inner workings of the Meadhall.

Cambridge Brewing Company  – (Monday-Friday)

Founded in 1989 the Cambridge Brewing Company is the oldest brewery-restaurant in the Boston area and one of the nations first. As pioneers of new American beer styles CBC offer their patrons a wide array of hand crafted original beers as well as their interpretation of classic world styles and experimental beers. Over the years CBC’s beers and  brewers have received numerous awards locally, nationally, and internationally. Hence why we had to put them on this tour!

Night Shift Brewing  (M-W and Saturdays)

A nocturnal nanobrewery and taproom in Everett, MA. Night Shift Brewing is a nanobrewery known around town for their avant-garde brewing style. Ingredients such as habanero pepper and agave nectar in “Viva Habanera”, and rosemary and pink peppercorn in “Rose” sound more like something you’d find in 5-star kitchen than in a beer bottle.

Idle Hands Craft Ales  Every Saturday

Located only a few miles outside the city, Idle Hands Craft Ales is Boston’s hidden beer gem.  When you visit Idle Hands,  you’ll see why we think it’s one of the most authentic and homegrown nano breweries around. Idle Hands brews small batch beer with a nod towards belgian styles mixed with new world ideas.  Join us on our evening or classic tour as Chris Tkach (Idle Hands Owner/Founder/Delivery Guy/Brewer/marketer/accountant)  shares his incredible beers and his stories of how he conceptualized and built Idle Hands Craft Ales. We also can’t wait for you to try Pandora and Triplication!

Boston Beer Works (M-W and Sundays)

Started in 1992, Boston Beer Works isn’t one of your typical chain brew-pubs. These guys brew everyday on premise and have over  15 rotating beers to choose from at any given time.   Decked out with scads of TVs, which form a ring around the bar, this place is in a prime location – directly across the street from all the action at TD Garden.  What better place to finish a tour then infamous Boston Beer Works.


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