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The After Hours Brew Tour is a true Boston nightlife experience! On this tour we showcase both the old school brewpubs of Boston and the new school nano/micro breweries, cider houses and distilleries. The After Hours Brew Tour includes a sampling of up to 18 different beers, delectable Pizza and beer pairing Boston Beer Works and a designated home-brewing driver! Whether you’re a light beer person or connoisseur, The After Hours Brew Tour provides a safe and fun way to check out the craft beer scene in the evening.


5:45PM – Monday: Night Shift, Beer Works, Meadhall, Cambridge Brewing
5:45PM – Tuesday: Night Shift, Beer Works, Meadhall, Cambridge Brewing
5:45PM – Wednesday: Mystic Brewing, Night Shift Brewing, Boston Beer Works, CBC/Meadhall
5:45PM – Thursday: Idle Hands Craft Ales (temporarily closed and will be replaced), Mystic Brewery, Night Shift Brewing, Boston Beer Works
5:45PM – Friday: Idle Hands Craft Ales (Closed Temporarily and will be replaced), Mystic Brewery, Night Shift Brewing, Boston Beer Works
4:40PM – Saturday: Mystic Brewery, Downeast Cider/Bantam/Short Path, Boston Beer Works, Cambridge Brewing/Meadhall
5:20PM – Saturday: Down the Road/Down East/Bantam, Mystic Brewery/Downeast Cider, Boston Beer Works, Cambridge Brewing/Meadhall
6:00PM – Saturday: Downeast Cider House/Bantam/Short Path, Mystic Brewery, Boston Beer Works, Cambridge Brewing Co/Meadhall

Duration: 5 Hours
Price: $90-95PP
Availability: Monday-Saturday


Some of the Boston breweries/venues you’ll visit:

Mystic Brewery 

Located in Chelsea, MA, Mystic Brewery stands out from the rest of  American craft breweries in their method, beer, and experience. Specializing in the Saison style, a french farmhouse ale, Mystic Brewery’s brews won’t disappoint.  Peer through their windows overlooking the tasting bar to see their square fermenters. Before the Germans introduced conical shaped fermenting vessels, square fermenters were common practice. We can’t wait to explain how Mystic Brewery’s founder Bryan Greenhagen designed his old world tasting room using reclaimed wood and metal from structures throughout New England.

Night Shift Brewing  –  Not on Saturdays

A nocturnal brewery and taproom in Everett, MA. Night Shift Brewing is  known around town for their avant-garde brewing style. Ingredients such as habanero pepper and agave nectar in “Viva Habanera”, and rosemary and pink peppercorn in “Rose” sound more like something you’d find in 5-star kitchen than in a beer bottle.

The Meadhall 

MeadHall, located in the heart of Cambridge is truly a beer aficionados haven.  With over 100 taps teeming with artisan craft beers from around the world, your beer guide will take you behind the scenes and explain how Meadhall gets your beer from its keg into your glass.

Boston Beer Works  (Dinner)

Started in 1992, Boston Beer Works isn’t one of your typical chain brew-pubs. These guys brew everyday on premise and have over  15 rotating beers to choose from at any given time.  Their incredible pizza dough is made from spent grain. Decked out with scads of TVs, which form a ring around the bar, this place is in a prime location for any evening out. What better place to learn how food pairs with beer than Boston Beer Works.


Cambridge Brewing Company 

Founded in 1989 the Cambridge Brewing Company is the oldest brewery-restaurant (Brew-pub) in the Boston area. As pioneers of innovative American beer styles CBC offer their patrons a wide array of hand crafted original beers as well as their interpretation of classic world styles and experimental beers. Over the years CBC’s beers and  brewers have received numerous awards locally, nationally, and internationally. Hence why we had to put them on this tour!


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