Boston Brew Tours has arrived!

It is with great pleasure to announce the launch of Boston Brew Tours.  Boston is a city rich in history, both American and beer. Boston Brew Tours is the brain child of Chad Brodsky.  Chad launched his first beer tour company, Burlington Brew Tours, in Burlington Vermont in 2009.  With many months of planning and hoop jumping, Boston Brew Tours can finally start offering their full day beer adventures. Beer in Boston has been integral part of the the city’s makeup.   When you think about Boston, the first few attributes that come to mind are Beer, Irish Pubs, Red Sox, and Colonial America. All things that make Boston the perfect city to open up another brew tour.  Home to The Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams)Harpoon BreweryCambridge Brewing Company, John Harvard’s Brewery and Ale HouseThe MeadhallLord Hobo’s renown beer bar, and a slew of other beer oriented locals.

On the tour you’ll learn how Prohibition dealt a crushing blow in 1920s, shutting all the Boston breweries down.  With the opportunity to stop off at some of these defunct breweries, our beer geeks will explain the series of events that led to Boston’s interesting beer History. See why Jamiaca Plains was the place to be before Prohibition. Learn the brewing process first hand from large scale breweries to small artisan brew-pubs.  We’ll walk you through a gourmet beer and food pairing lunch at a local Beer-centric boston eatery.

We are especially excited that we now include the inner workings of not just a brewery but of the draft and tap systems of your local pub. Truly the full brewing process from choice ingredients straight to the pint in your local bar.  Can’t wait to have you on the tour!  Just a heads up: We want to be the ultimate authority for beer happenings in the greater Boston area!  So stay tuned…

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